Warmer days, flowers and new life everywhere!!! I love the spring time! It is wonderful to be out doors, enjoying nature! What are your plans for the more comfortable days? It’s a great idea to talk with your family about what you would like to do this season. Do you want to plan a weekend get away? Would you like to spend time at the beach or lake? Will you participate in Mommy n Me classes, swimming lessons, or walks in the park?

Acclimating baby to the out doors is both fun and important. Living in an area where the winters are harsh makes this the best time of year to do this. There are many interesting and fun ways to take advantage of opportunities in your community. Our city offers kids cooking classes, swimming or tennis lessons, and field trips to museums and the like. Most of this information is available online. Or telephone your city hall and ask where to locate these adventures. Talk with your friends about their plans. Perhaps your church has MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meetings.

As a new mom I found it so much easier to participate in these kinds of adventures with other mommies. This way, if you need to use the bathroom or run to the car for something you do not have to pack up everything you brought with you. Other moms understand the time in life in which you are living. They are more than happy to help out where they are able. In addition sharing suggestions, asking questions, and simply finding support are very helpful. Know you are not alone in this process. Learning and growing as a parent is much more fun with others!!!


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