Happy Seasonal Changes!!!

School starts, Halloween explodes, then Thanksgiving!  All the hallmarks of Autumn’s arrival.  The air becomes crisp, the sunshine intense, and warm sweaters make their appearance.  For your little one, cozy hats and long sleeved cotton shirts feel so much better.  All though I am a beach-bum at heart, the onset of fall brings a smile to my face!  I truly love it!!!

Christmas is Coming (Oh Not Really!!!)

I know it sounds crazy to bring up Christmas in mid-October, but I encourage you to start incorporating Christmas thoughts early.  Years ago I attended a couple Christmas prep workshops.  Emily Barnes was the lecturer.  Her insights really changed my life!!

Christmas will be different for you and your family from now on.  Not only do you have a cuddly smiley baby to add to the Christmas card and letter, but you also must care for this darling person while you prepare for the holiday!!!  An entirely new experience!!  Mrs. Barnes inspired me to begin thinking Christmas thoughts in early fall.  She advocated the clearing of a cupboard in the garage to be designated ‘My Christmas Cupboard’.  In this secret place I hid my Christmas gifts, small decorations, through-out the year purchases.  This way, when Christmas arrived, I could find them!!  (Helpful idea)

Emily also supported the idea of beginning early on Christmas cards and letters!  My photos are done in October.  By Thanksgiving Day my letters and cards are printed, signed and in the envelopes!  My goal is to put them in the mail on December 1st! Starting early allows me to write a note to each recipient, taking time to remember our relationship and truly enjoy communicating with them.  The years when I have not begun early (and this has happened) Christmas cards become a chore I have to get out before the mails go crazy.  As a mother of five, beginning early and my Christmas cupboard relieved so much stress!!  I encourage you to think this one over so you can really enjoy the happiness of the season.

Peace and Blessings as the Holidays approach!