Happy Birthday America!!!!!

As we celebrate our nation’s birthday this July it is with a new found excitement. We are here!!!! A year ago we were told 2M Americans would die of coved!!!! What a blessing that did not come to pass. We learned how valuable it is just being together. We have a greater appreciation for those we love, walks on the beach, church fellowship, and hugs!!!! I pray this is your best 4th of July ever!!!! Enjoy the day off and especially enjoy those you like best!!! JUDY

As we celebrate the 4th of July this year it is with a new appreciation of the many privileges we share living here in America!!!

Masks in the Hospital Nursery?

As we come out from under the Covid cloud nationally there are those trying to turn the tide. Many are not watching the statistics and the information. They are trying to reignite the fear and terror of the early days. Thankfully the majority of the medical establishment understands we have moved past the initial misunderstandings. It is not a virus affecting infants massively. Children with ancillary illnesses and conditions had greater risk of problems. Yet, many states had no minor deaths related to this illness! Generally it is an illness of great concern to the elderly.

We look forward to freedom from quarantine, concern and masks. So grateful this is coming in time for summer!!! We can see smiles again, breath freely, and enjoy the company of others!!! Have so much fun!!!!! JUDY