The Milky Way: Amazon Prime movie review on breastfeeding

As a professional certified postpartum doula I recertify every three years.  It is a complicated process requiring hundred of hours of study, review, and client service.  It provides numerous opportunities to research information useful to my clients.  This film, The Milky Way is just such a resource.

Below find my certification review and notes on this film.  It is easily accessible through Amazon Prime.  Even if you have breastfed in the past, reviewing the fundamentals is always a good thing.  Refer it to others you know who are considering breastfeeding their babies.

I was shocked to learn that despite the overwhelming scientific, psychological, and physiological benefits for mother and baby only 15% of American mothers provide purely breastmilk for 6 months!!!  Certainly there are situations where breastfeeding is not preferable, however, in general, it is the easiest, least expensive, and healthiest choice.  We have a lot of education and support to provide in order to help moms decide what is best for their babies!!!

Please know I am available to consult on these issues!!!



The Milky Way                    Produced by Piece of My Heart ProductionsReleased in 2015      Viewed 3/22/19      97 minutes in duration                 Available on Amazon Prime Movies

The Milky Way provides statistics and interviews with many professionals in the field of lactation.  It also investigates and shares the personal experiences of 30 women in their breastfeeding journey.  Their individual situations vary widely.  For many of them the lack of support they received discouraged them as they learned to care for their babies.

As a postpartum doula encouraging breastfeeding is a large part of my practice.  Helping to create a non-judgmental confortable environment for mother and baby is imperative.  Encouraging an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and success is my goal.  This documentary encourages communication.  It reinforces the need for professionals to talk with prospective clients prior to coming into their homes to serve them.  It is important that new mothers have the opportunity to share their thoughts on breastfeeding initially.  It is imperative for me to understand mother’s feelings and needs for support.

Pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon MD and Lactation Consultant Jennifer Davidson RN IBCLC work together in a practice that has morphed into a lactation practice.  They state only 15% of babies in America are breast fed through 6 months of age.  2010, Bartic, Reinhold produced statistics assessing $13 B would be saved annually in medical costs if babies were breast fed through 6 months.

Dr. Peter C. Whybrow MD, Director, Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior, UCLA contends 90% of the advantages of breastfeeding have nothing to do with nutrition.  He states the physical contact of breastfeeding contributes to the development of the nervous system, bonding, antibodies, immunities, emotional stability, IQ, and more.  Those of us in the field of infant care and health understand immediately after birth newborns have many physical needs affected by physical contact with mother. The statistics for skin on skin contact and it’s metabolic advantages are widely accepted as Gospel.  Blood sugars stabilize, bacterial patterns are set, heart rate calms as well as body temperature normalizes when skin to skin contact with mother takes place.

The information provided in The Milky Way reinforced previously learned material regarding the continued importance of mother to child breastfeeding for the duration of at least 6 months after birth.  It also provided a foundation of information for clients.  I believe it would be a useful tool in providing expectant mothers information in their search for whether or not they should breastfeed their babies.

Attached notes taken while viewing film:

The Milky Way                                owned by Piece of My Heart Productions                             2015     97 minutes in duration               Available on Amazon Prime Movies

“The Milky Way is a documentary expose about breastfeeding in the United Stated Produced to encourage rethinking of how our culture views breastfeeding through investigating current norms and assumptions, medical influence, international thinking through institutions in Germany & Sweden.”

Breastfeeding   Breast is Best

Breast feeding first mentioned in Greek mythology.  Zues/ Hara/Heraclese The Milky Way Only 15% of US babies are exclusively breastfed at 6 months                                                Dr. Jay Gordon MD    Lactation Practice                                                                           Lactation Consultant   Jennifer Davidson   RN  IBCLC                                                         Dr.  Peter C. Whybrow  MD    Director, Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior  UCLA                                                                                                                                   90% of breastfeeding is not nutritional        Development of nervous system. Bonding                   Feeling lessons/ amount of food            Antibodies/immunities.     Individual

If 90% of babies were breastfed for 6 months the US would save $13 billion per year in medical costs    Bartick, Reinhold, 2010

The Fearless Formula Feeding Mother  Blogger                                                                        James J. McKenna  PhD Director, Mother Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab                         University of  Notre Dame         World authority on co-sleeping. Anthropologist  Current teaching is cultural not for babies

Genevieve Thomas Colvin  IBCLC     Program coordinator Breastfeed LAMaternity Leave  – govt. mandated elsewhere        Compartmentalized   mothering separated from rest of life.

Berlin St Joseph Hospital cutting edge infant /mother care!!!!!  1991 Baby friendly hospital movement. Family Beds  Entrainment  heart beat/body temperature  Mothers sleep better, happier w skin to skin. Co-sleeping  encouraged at home                              Katrin Bautsch  RN IBCLC       Director Neonatal Lactation program  St Joes/Berlin Beatrix Schmidt  MD Chief Neo-natologist  St Joes/Berlin                                      Intermittently through out                                                                                                       Nancy Williams  IBCLC Author, Marriage & Family Counselor                                                Dr. Louis Dumas   Skin to Skin vs Separation  Extensive researc. Kangaroo Care                Evidence Based Practice re separation           respiration improv.  Fundamental physiology

Newborn mothers  Babies find their way to mom’s breast          Trust the bond between mothers n babies

Stockholm, Sweden   Pro-family policies  breastfeeding skin to skin.  18 months family leave when baby born

Scott M Montgomery PhD   Prof Clinical Epidemiology    Karalinska Institute

Britt-Mari Fornell    Certified Midwife  Mama Mia Birthing Center

Formula companies. Provide $ to med schools. $ to hospitals/ supplies  heavily invested in the thinking of breastfeeding in med find. ingredients    palm oil    high fructose corn syrup

Seeking Change          normalizing breastfeeding in public

Supporting moms in many ways


Peace in Your Home: Judy’s Tried and True Newborn Helps

As life feels like it is on it’s ear it is difficult to be happy in your skin.  There are so many new things to learn.  You are exhausted most of the time, trying to cope with your own body changes and “New Normal”.  How can you make the transition from ‘Me’ to ‘Mommy’ more easily?


First, talk with your family and friends!  Many of them have already been down this path.  They will not have experienced it the same way you will, but they will have suggestions that will help.  In addition, they will offer a listening ear which every new mom needs!

Second, laugh a lot!  Doing your best to keep things light and easy will help everyone relax.  Be willing to laugh at your mistakes!!!  Cut yourself some slack!!!  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  When your infant son pees all over himself and you during a diaper change, see the humor in it!  Find some great music to listen to during your days.  Watch a funny movie or TV show when you have a moment.  Talk with people who help you see the lighter side of life.

Third, make sure you are eating well and resting when baby rests.  Yes, that is what everyone says.  Soon you realize if you don’t rest when baby does you won’t be resting!  You and baby are linked in more ways than you can imagine right now.  Give up trying to keep the house clean and take a nap.   YOU HAVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE TO HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE!!!  Now you need sanity and that comes with sleep!!  (It won’t always be this way, I promise)

Fourth, plan a few enjoyable moments for yourself each day.  Figure out what feeds your soul and make sure you plan for it.  Having something to look forward to gives you a whole new outlook on the monotony of your life right now.  Ten minutes reading a favorite book, a telephone call with a dear friend, a walk around the block alone, a wonderful bubble bath, a massage…..  Figure out what helps you most and plan a few minutes each day for something just for you!

As you and baby become better acquainted life will stabilize.  These ideas are for you.  I pray they make life easier for you as you grow into motherhood!!