Happy Spring!!!

If you have not already planted a flower or two you are behind the times!!!  Ha!  My Zucchini plant is ten times the size it was a week ago!  I can hardly wait for the huge squash to erupt!  We fill them with spaghetti meat sauce, bake them and sprinkle them with cheese.  Delicious!!

It is so much fun to be coming out of the winter.  It is still a bit brisk, but the sunshine is breaking through and we are seeing wild flowers everywhere!  In Southern California we are officially out of the drought!!!!!  It is truly a miracle!  California has been short on water for so long!!!

What are you summer plans for baby?  Being out doors is the best.  There are so many things to see, touch, eat, and on and on.  If baby is mobile there is no way to keep him or her out of the dirt or sand.  He will sit in it, put it in his mouth, and get to into every nook and cranny.  That is just life.  These are good learning experiences.  Textures, tastes, density, and more are learned through this childhood play.  As parents you do your best to monitor and protect.  Defiantly be aware of where you are and the pesticides, etc in the area.  Allowing these experiences in your own backyard is the best way to supervise. You have more control over the outcome.

As baby becomes more mobile you want to be aware of where dangerous cleaning agents, etc are stored.  I moved them out the high cupboards in the garage.  Out of sight and out of mind.

However, at the age to two, my eldest pushed the high chair under the highest cupboard in the kitchen and retrieved the children chewable vitamins.  I was out and Daddy was taking a nap.  He ate the entire bottle.  This was before child proof lids.  I called the poison center.  Because the vitamins did not contain iron he did not need his stomach pumped.  I was told not to give him vitamins for a month and that he would poop orange and yellow for a while.  Ha!  And he did!!!  There were no other residual affects.  Just know that your inquisitive little ones will do things you never thought possible.