Thoughts for Enjoying the End of this Crazy Year!!!!!

This holiday season is different in many ways. As new parents you have many more decisions to make. This is a challenge, take your time. Consider what you want future holidays to look like for your immediate and extended families. Newborns travel well, so if you have just one little one, this may be the last holiday you travel to others for a while. Every family is different. Expectations are different. It is important to discuss these with those making the holiday decisions in your home. It is late in the season to begin these discussions, but important to do if you have not.

QUESTIONS TO ASK: 1. What are the important traditions in the family of your other half? 2. When do they open holiday gifts? 3. What foods do they enjoy on Christmas or Hanukah? 4. Do all family members show up on Christmas Day, or is that for nuclear families and the extended family shares time together another day? 5. How would the two of you like to spend the holiday?

Be flexible. Be willing to consider changing the way you have always done things to accommodate others. When baby is very small it is easier for you to bring them along. Once they are mobile it is more difficult. Talk with your extended family and find out what they would like to do. Everyone will not get to do what they wish, but everyone should feel like their feelings have been considered.

Think about what is the most important part of the holiday for you personally. If it can’t happen this holiday, plan a special time later in the year where you are able to experience it. Christmas in March is not totally crazy, especially if you can have a mock celebration with those you love.

I wish you a blessed celebration, what ever it looks like this year. Take precious moments to share your heart with those you love, even if it ends up being through FaceTime or Zoom. Reach out and encourage those in your circle. Everyone is a bit off this year. We all need a little extra time and understanding. Hugs and Kisses in every way (virtually). Enjoy the season, smells, tastes, and beauty!!! JUDY

Thoughts on Celebrating Together

We have been providing ideas for Christmas/Holiday crafts for you and your little ones to make as gifts for fun together. In these crazy times it is so important to provide normality in the lives of your loved ones. The survival rate of Covid 19 is 99.06 %, unless you are over 75 years of age. Eighteen states have reported no deaths in those under 18 years of age. Covid has been introduced into our environment and will be here for decades. We have to individually decide how much we are going to allow it to interfere in our lives. Please carefully consider your plans. If you feel you should quarantine do so. We are each responsible to do what we feel is best for our individual situation.

We will continue to provide fun activities to do with the little ones in you life. We all need fun and relationships to be healthy people. No government representative can decide for you what that means! In America, these decisions are personal.

Fun projects to do with the little ones in you life!!! They don’t take much time, and will provide lovely memories of Christmases in the future!



This is a project every family member can enjoy. Have each person draw around their hand, either one, on green paper. Make 6 prints then cut them out. Begin at the bottom of your tree, placing your larger haprints as the lower branches. Layer them for two rows then begin adding smaller hand prints in the same manner. Work your way up, placing the smallest prints at the top. Use sticky glue sparingly to adhere the handprints to your tree. Depending upon your art acumen you can design a tree skirt, gifts to founder the tree, sequin decorations and popcorn strands to decorate your tree. Use these as decorations for the doors inside your home. The kids will love them.

Supplies needed: construction paper for a back (black?), green construction paper for the branches, pens to draw around your hands, scissors to cut out your branches, sticky glue, Decorations: sequins, pearls, colorful pompoms, jewels, popcorn strands, mini hanging ornaments, a star for the top. etc..

Glitter Ornaments. Ornaments with glitter in them, or sand, or shells, or tissue paper, etc. These glitter ornaments are simple to make and give your tree a little bit of sparkle. Fill clear plastic ornaments with glitter confetti of different colors. Try including white glitter to give the illusion of snow.