Staying Comfortable in the Heat

The City of Huntington Beach, CA pier at sunset

Keeping you and your family comfortable in the heat takes some preparation. If you are able to, buy summer toys such as squirt guns, pool foliates, and buckets & shovels at the end of the season. Stores are eager to unload them then and almost give them away. As a grandma I am always keeping my eyes open for such things. Clothing stores do the same thing. If you are expecting a baby next spring, of have friends and family who are you can cash in on the deals right now. As July approaches stores begin receiving their winter inventory. They will be making down the cute summer clothing soon! In California we basically can wear it all year! Ha!

Here are some basic thoughts for staying cool during summer.

Number I : Hydrate.

Figure out ways to drink water. Make cute ice cubes with frozen berries or out of juice. Make or buy popsicles to keep on hand. Encourage your family and friends to teach themselves to carry a water bottle or keep them close by. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding this is sooooo important!!! Athletic trainers will tell you that if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated!!!!!!!!!! This means: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE THIRSTY TO DRINK!!! It is really a re-education for you!

I tell my pregnant mamas close to labor to begin drinking a gallon of water per day in the weeks before they deliver. Hydration makes labor so much easier. Being hydrated helps your body process and pass the avalanche of hormones you experience during labor. In addition it prepares you to drink lots while you are breastfeeding. I recently heard of a breastfeeding mommy who was so constipated she caused a fissure in her anus. This is a tear in the skin from pushing so hard to eliminate poop. She said it felt like cut glass cutting her. OUCH!!! Drink water dear girls!!! You will be glad you did!

When I was breastfeeding I developed scabs in my nose. I did not realize this, but this was a result of dehydration!!! Please, please “Drink more water than you believe is humanly possible!” This is my mantra to noe mommies. Nearly every mommy with whom I have worked doubts her ability to provide enough milk for her baby. If you begin breastfeeding with the habit of drinking at least a gallon of water per day you will most likely avoid this crippling fear. You will feel better. It will affect every area of your physical wellbeing. PLEASE MAKE ME HAPPY AND DRINK WATER!!!!

If you do not think you can do this alone ask those around you to help Keep a chart close by and record your water intake. Set an alarm on your phone and keep count of your glasses of water. I like to fill four quart/liter bottles with ice cold water and keep them in the fridge. As I finish each one I get closer to my daily goal!! In past blog editions I have discussed other affects of dehydration. Look into them if you wish.


Plan your daily schedule so you can be in cool places during the hottest part of the day. Long walks in air-conditioned malls. Sitting in the shade at the park while your kids play. In the shade at a local pool.

Do what ever it takes to allow you and yours to avoid over heating. Avoid long car rides if at all possible. In some places going out early in the morning and when the sun goes down are you only options. That is OK, just plan for it.


Plan for items that do not require time in a hot kitchen. Prepare sandwiches, fruit, salads, etc. This makes life so much more comfortable.


Your family will take the lead from you. T-shirts, shorts, cute summer dresses, swim suits can be the wardrobe of your summer days. Hats and visors out of door to protect from the sun’s heat. When my kids had their fill of sun I put white t-shirts on them in addition to sunscreen. This avoided deep sunburns.

Have a wonderful summer!!! Enjoy what ever quiet and relaxed time you find. Keep cool and hydrated!!!


Summer Has Arrived!!!

Loving these summer days has always been my favorite!! This time of year lets you relax and enjoy. If you are currently pregnant or have a new baby it is the perfect time to take it easy. Arrange your living space to serve you and your family. Access to a swimming pool is wonderful. A little kids pool is the next best thing. One of those sail awnings can easily be set up to provide shade on hot days. Protecting your backyard from too much direct sunshine will help cool your home too.

Just a few stings of twinkle or standard light bulbs can make your backyard the perfect evening destination. Get creative! If this is not your talent ask a friend or relative for their ideas. With out much expense you can create a lovely place to enjoy summer afternoons and evenings.