Do Microwaves Affect the Nutrition of My Baby’s Food?

Microwaves oven became household items in America roughly thirty five years ago.  From America microwave ovens have been distributed literally all over the world.  Any country that has electricity readily available uses microwave ovens almost universally.  In China the average family does not have a conventional oven.  Literally all their cooking is done through microwaves.

When microwave technology originally surfaced there were many questions regarding their safety and usage.  At that time the questions were: 1.  Do the microwaves seep out and cause cancer?  2.  Do they affect the food they process?  3.  Are they safe?

It is interesting to see the same questions resurfacing.  One of my clients recently stated she did not what to use a microwave on her baby’s food due to the radiation the food would absorb.  I was surprised to hear this thought.  This sparked my desire to reinvestigate the information and research available.  And here we are!!

Below find several websites answering these questions.  One of them states that your computer screen puts out a thousand times more radiation than you would find in microwaved food!  After my own investigation what I have found is again and again the statement is there is no definitive research proving these allegations.  In other words, once again the questions have arisen.  Now, after thirty five years, and hundreds of millions of usages, there is no proof that microwave ovens are a problem.

There will always be the naysayers who criticize everything.  Due to the massive usage and nearly no negative results I am going to stand with the research and support the ease and convince of microwave ovens for you and your baby.  Please look over the information provided.  If you find more information please do not hesitate to share it.  We all want to learn what ever we can!!       JUDY


Preparing food with a microwave actually maintains better nutrition


The American Cancer Society

Amounts of radiation in re microwaves do not affect food


FDA. the US Food and Drug Administration

No, microwaving food is not hazardous


This company says yes that food is damaged, but they are trying to sell you a gizmo to fix it.


Natural Society believes microwaves harm food


Radical Radiation Remedy – no your compute screen puts our 1,000 times the radiantion of a microwave oven

To Gluten or Not to Gluten, that is the question!

In this day of  ‘gluten free everything’ should you introduce gluten to your baby’s diet?  There is much material out there on either side of the argument.  You will find several links to articles below.

Like so many other topics, you need to investigate the information and decide what you want to do.  Talk with friends and especially relatives.  Have your sisters children had trouble with gluten?  The statistics show a very small portion of the population have issues.  For those who do it is important to watch their diets carefully.  For the rest of us, a little gluten is not a bad thing.  You will read in these studies that introducing gluten into your infants diet can actually help them deal with it better later in life.  Again, this is a personal decision.  Read up, talk with your pediatrician about what she thinks, talk with your friends and relatives.

In life there are many issues which become the center of conversation and then die down.  When to bathe baby for the first time….should I use a pacifier….are cloth diapers the best…and on and on.  Be sure you are looking at the long-hall in your baby’s life.  What is going to be best for him over the years.  Moderation is a good thing and too much of almost anything can have negative effects.  As a parent it is your job to look over  issues for the benefit of your baby.  You will do a great job.  Do not drive yourself crazy with every little decision.  As long as your baby is happy and healthy you are doing well.   When situations come up, and they will, get help.  There are many wonderful medical personnel, doulas, friends, and relatives who would love to assist you!    JUDY

.001 % of Americans are diagnosed with Celiac disease

Gluten free diets can be hazardous to your health


Celiac Disease Foundation

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When Should You Introduce Gluten to Your Baby? Well, It Depends.


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About 30% of people carry the gene. Only about 5% will be ill