More Fun and Easy Gifts From Baby……

The foot and hand prints below are specifically for ornaments. They are small and less expensive than those provided earlier that go on an easel. You will enjoy saving these prints and they are so simple to make. You will find they are a wonderful keepsake to remember your baby’s exact hand and foot size at birth. They make a precious gift for someone expecting a baby.

Pearhead Babyprints Baby’s First Handprint or Footprint Ornament Kit,

Easy No-Bake DIY, Christmas Baby Gift, 50010

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Pearhead Babyprints Baby’s First Handprint or Footprint Ornament Kit, Easy No-Bake DIY, Christmas Baby Gift, 50010. $6.99

Finish TypeSatin
Item Weight0.31 Ounces

Molded Ornaments of Baby’s Hand and/or Foot

Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit (CIRCLE & HEART) Clay Handprint and Footprint Casting for Newborn – Best New Mom Gift and Shower Gift – Hand Imprint Mold – Foot Impression for Girls & Boys 

These ornaments are especially sweet for baby’s first holiday. I encourage you to mold these ornaments the week baby is born. Her hands and feet will never be this small again! If you are able, you can put a hand and foot on the same side of the ornament. Or, you can put one in front and one in back. As your baby grows you will be amazed at how small she was when she arrived! 

Grandmas and Grandpas especially love these as gifts because they remember you when you were a newborn. As a grandma I am amazed at how the same overwhelming feelings of love and protection I felt when my own were born returns with grand babies!!! 

The kits for these ornaments are available on Amazon, Esty, and other websites. They are not even a little bit messy as the clay is premixed and fairly dry. There are links below to purchase them. Enjoy!!!

Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsake Ornament Kit (Makes 2) – Bonus Stencil for Personalized Newborn New Mom & Shower Gifts. 

Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit (CIRCLE & HEART) Clay Handprint and Footprint Casting for Newborn – Best New Mom Gift and Shower Gift – Hand Imprint Mold – Foot Impression for Girls & Boys Print 


Bubzi Co Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit Ornament for Baby Girl Gifts & Baby Boy Gifts, Unique Baby Shower Gifts, Personalized Baby Gifts for Baby Registry, Keepsake Box Nursery Decor

Photo Ornaments


Our family’s most favorite ornaments are of our kids, now in the 30’s as babies. So much fun to pull those out each year and remember those pudgy smiling faces!!! All it takes is a little diligence and a shoebox! Ha, yes, we store them in shoe boxes. I keep them in my closet so I always know where they are! These are literally one of the few things I would save incase of a disaster! They are irreplaceable!

As you see, the date is already on the ornament! Important, because you will forget which photo is from which year. The date makes a world of difference. Always write the first and last name of the child photographed on the back of the photo along with the date. Again, life continues and our memories fade. You want to get it right, be sure to label each photo.

Having may ornaments on the tree allows all to see the progression of each precious child. It is truly amazing! Making these photo ornaments for your folks is a priceless gift to them. Nothing is more precious than a grandchild.

I have also begun making these for relatives as they become grand parents. Again, photos have a hallowed place in our hearts. They allow us to remember those first moments of life. They are priceless.

I am a bargain hunter so I have not checked these out at other sites online. That may be your thing. Starting at this time of year takes the pressure off you as you organize. Figure out which photos you want to use. Print them or have somewhere like Costo print them for you. Have them ready to go when you find the frames you like. Put them together and send them off.

I purchase the ornaments at Michaels Craft Store when they go on sale in early December. Sometimes I buy them in the after Christmas sale when they go down to clearance prices. I prefer the ones with larger photo areas because I have a greater choice of photos to put in them.

Have a wonderful holiday enjoying your friends and family. This year this time will be more precious than ever!!! JUDY

Beautiful Bells Comemorating the Season

I look for gifts that can be added to each year. Our eleven year old grandson loves these so much he keeps them on his dresser all year long. This is a small way in which

Personalized Gold/Silver/Rose Gold Plated Bell Ornaments

Engraved Silver, Gold, or Rose Colored Bells with baby’s name and birth year. These specific bells are selected from the Miles Kimball Catalogue. There are many places you can find them. Solid gold and sliver bells are also available if you wish.

We have these for each year of our children’s lives.  In addition, each of our grandkids has them from the year of their birth.  These are a special holiday memory for them from us.

Enjoying the Holidays With Your Baby!!!

Since your baby arrived you have come to see that everything is different. Things feel different. Doing anything takes more time. The way you look at the world is different. A baby truly does change everything!!

My suggestion for your first holiday season as a mommy is enjoy every minute of it! Plan ahead so you are able to do so. Looking at the activities and projects you want to accomplish ahead of time will help things go much more smoothly. Take a little time now to decide what is really important for you and your family in the next few months. You may want to do less than you are accustomed to in order to really enjoy your time with family and friends. Do not hesitate to ask for help from those close to you. Anyone who has children understands you are still figuring out your new life!

Think carefully about how many places you really need to go on the actual holiday. Many families plan several smaller celebrations rather than a huge shindig. Your little one will be the center attention. Talk with your family about how this can work out best. Maybe you share a meal with each of your families on days other than the holidays itself. This will allow you to plan for events such as baby needing to sleep or eat during festivities. Or, maybe you come from a large family that celebrates often, and baby is already acclimated! Thinking about the event ahead of time will help you not feel trapped into doing things that just are not comfortable yet.

If you are up for it invite separate family members to meet at a restaurant for a meal. This will take the pressure off you to have to entertain, clean house, plan food, etc. This holiday is different. Next year things will be so much easier for you. Share with you family your concerns.

One of my favorite things about the holidays with new babies are the darling gifts you can plan ahead for. You can order them now and have wonderful memorable gifts with out driving your self crazy. I love items with photos of your new baby. Relatives love these and they have a memory for you as baby grows. Below find some of my favorites. I prepare these each Christmas for my grand kids. They will have them their entire lives.