Lactation Cookies!! Yum!! Yum!!

What is the purpose of lactation cookies?  They are a treat for one thing!  (And who doesn’t enjoy a treat from time to time?)  Also, they include ingredients that aid milk production. Brewer’s yeast, flax seed, and oatmeal are among these ingredients.  Most mom’s feel they have problems with the amount of milk they produce.  Almost none actually do.  The main problem is that with breastfeeding it is difficult to know how much milk you are actually producing.  Pumping milk gives you an idea of how much you produce, but actual breastfeeding lets down more milk than pumping can.

In my years of doulaing I have come across many ‘wives tale concerns’ about milk supply. Often the cure is simply drinking more water and getting enough rest.  Your pediatrician will tell you a relaxed lifestyle is important to breastfeeding.  This is so true.  In the doula business we call it the 4th Trimester of Pregnancy.  Take the first few months of your baby’s life, and enjoy mothering.  Take it easy.  Let others pick up the slack in your responsibilities so you and baby can have a great start together.   Also, it is important to watch your own diet.  Baby needs protein to grow and thrive.  Mommy needs to eat a well rounded diet to provide healthy substantial milk.  Do your best to keep your protein intake consistent, crackers and cheese or tuna mid morning, peanut butter and banana in the afternoon.  With a new baby it is difficult to care for yourself.  In my following blog past will include a few food diaries for your convenience.  Writing down your food and water intake will help you stay on track.

Recently I attended a Mommy’s conference in Orange County, CA.   There were all kinds of vendors providing services and products for pregnant and new mommys.  One of the vendors was a couple who create and distribut lactation cookies.  They said when they had their first child they were encouraged to purchase lactation cookies.  The only place they could find them was Babies R Us, and they were awful!  Ha!   Below find several options for having lactation cookies sent directly to your home.  Please let me know how you like these various distributors  Also below, recipes for your own homemade cookies. JUDY…CookiesLactationCookies/…/B00832…

If you are a baker and want to make your own cookies find the link for a recipe below. These are called Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies.  In addition to chocolate chips you can add: raisins, shredded coconut, dried cranberries, white chocolate chips, and or what ever nuts you prefer.  Also, I find cookies bake up much nicer if I use Butter Crisco, rather than butter.  Your choice.