Homeopathic Remedy for Infant Gas Symptoms

Anise tea has long been a homeopathic remedy for infants struggling with symptoms of digestive gas.  For the majority of newborns the first three months of life involve gas pains.  Their digestive tracks simply take time to acclimate to life outside the womb.  In many cultures tea made by adding boiling water to crushed Anise seeds, and letting it steep, brings relief.

There are many suggestions on line for how to manage this.  There are also differing opinions on the topic.  Using anise tea once a day for a few days should not be a problem.   This is not something you would continually use over time.  You could occasionally add it to baby’s bottle to avoid possible gas pains.  I would only use it to relieve gas symptoms as they are occurring.  The ratio I am aware of is 1/2 teaspoon crushed anise seeds to 2 cups boiling water.  Prepare the tea, store it in the refrigerator.  Add 2 teaspoons tea to two ounces of formula or breastmilk.

Please read the following articles to answer your questions.  This information was passed on to me from a new mom whose mother used this remedy for her and her siblings.  Grandma said to use this once a day, sparingly.  Do not overmedicate your baby!!       JUDY





Tea vs Coffee, Health Benefits of Both

The age old discussion of tea vs coffee has been raging.  Those on each side of the argument have their opinions.  Science has found good things in both concoctions.   The bottom line is which do you like best?  This discussion surfaced in my research to discover whether hot tea is better for you than cold!

Enjoy,  JUDY

Below find several articles on the subject.  Please share any you have found helpful.


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The Myth of Month 4 Sleep Regression

This is a controversial position, to say the least!  The buzz is: there is now and has always been 4 month sleep regression.  You can buy books, watch videos, and fret about it earnestly.  However, this is a new diagnosis.  No one heard of 4 month sleep regression until very recently.  Why?

My motto for mothering is “Don’t borrow trouble.”  This encourages one to look at the problem and deal with it rather than looking ahead for problems that might surface.  New parents are faced with so many new things they need to do to succeed.  It frustrates me that the infant supply industry would take advantage of these folks.  I would rather make things simple than complicate them.

If a baby is having sleeping trouble lets figure out the problem.  This gives new parents a feeling of success and hope.  It helps them see themselves as in control rather than victims of unwinable trials.

In order to evaluate this lets look at the circumstances surrounding most infants at four months of age.  If a mother is going to return to work this is usually when her maternity leave is over.  Perhaps there has been an illness in the nuclear family.  Maybe the family has had to switch living venues or locations.  How does this affect a baby?  How does it affect mommy and the rest of the family?  What other factors apply?

Mommy returning to work can be a huge emotional conflict for her.  If she has enjoyed her time with baby, passing this torch on to another is difficult.  This situation in her heart affects baby.  She has to interview others with the intent of having them replace her in caring for her child.  That is a tough thing to go through.  If she is unable to find suitable help she struggles.  There are the financial ramifications, concerns for the safety of her baby, scheduling issues, and on and on.  Just talking about it brings up stress.

There are not many ways in an infants life that things like this can be expressed.  Baby can’t talk about it even though he feels it.  Thus, baby, who may have been doing well in sleeping, finds it disrupted.  Understanding why this happens in your baby’s life gives you the ability to resolve it.  There are many options for streamlining such issues and helping mommy and baby find peace.

In an effort not to overwhelm this audience I will not approach other issues in this entry!  Please share you thoughts.  My hope is to serve and learn through this blog!

Articles on Sleep Regression to follow




FYI: Tomorrow, September 4th….

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Happy Saving,  JUDY