Advantages of Tummy Time

What is Tummy Time?

Tummy time — placing a baby on his or her stomach only while awake and supervised — can help your baby develop strong neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills. Tummy time can also prevent the back of your baby’s head from developing flat spots (positional plagiocephaly).

The importance of tummy time can’t be overstated. Daily practice helps babies develop strong neck, core, arm, and leg muscles.By Sheryl Berk and Katherine BowersUpdated May 06, 2020

The Benefits of Tummy Time 

This article is from Parent’s Magazine. It reinforces the necessity of allowing your baby time every day on her tummy. An easy way to do this is to place baby on a sofa on a blanket. Turn her away from the sofa and sit on the floor facing her. Talk to her. Sing songs. Read her a book. Interact with her at an eye to eye level. She loves time with you. She’s learns so much from you. And thus tune is gone before you know it.

By the age of three months your baby will be board lying on her back. She will grow frustrated hearing the family activity and not being able to see it. You can sit her in the corner of the sofa surrounded by pillows so she can see what is going on with out the fear of her falling. An infant seat that is safe to put on the kitchen counter is a good way to allow your baby to interact. Everything is interesting, the dog, the birds out the window, the radio, and on and on.

The current scientific understanding is babies should not view screens until after the age of two. Personally I would keep them away from screens longer than that. There are so many interesting and wonderful learning activities available. Once a screen is part of the day it is very difficult to draw baby away. That is not by accident. Screens are intentionally addicting. Beware!!!

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