Happy Valentines Day!!!

It is that time of year again! The time when hearts and roses appear, chocolates are everywhere, and expectations run high!! What wonderful plans do you have for the special folks in your life? There are a million special ways you can let ‘your people’ know you love them. Creativity is the name of the game.

The cost of roses, really all flowers, triple in honor of this day. So unless you are wealthy or it is a must try something else. Go the the garden section at your Lowes or Home Depot and purchase a beautiful flowering plant. Then go to Dollar Tree and find a basket or pot in which you can wrap it. With a bow and a lovely card it will be equally as nice as those expensive flowers. Plus it can be planted in the garden and continue to be beautiful all season!!! Great idea!!

Purchase your honey’s favorite chocolates during the after Christmas sales. You can find many great deals in candies that are not wrapped in Christmas paper and will present beautifully in a cute gift bag, cosmetic bag, or some other item your love would enjoy!

Gift Coupons are creative and such a fun way to share your love. Type up coupons on your computer. A back rub, breakfast in bed, home cooked meal, night out, trash take out, baby sitting offer, etc., etc., etc. In a darling jar, cute package or even a paper bag this one can be a great hit! If your little ones are giving gifts this is a great one!!! Let them come up with the ideas! You will be amazed at the fun things they have in mind!!

Dinner out on Valentines Day is nearly impossible. Plan your celebration for another evening. Or, make a special meal at home. Candles, wine, hors’surves, the works!! You can have so much fun, Find some great recipes on line. My favorite chief on line is Chief Jean Pierre, He is hoot and I have loved the recipes I have learned from him. He is on YouTube. Just enter Chief Jean Pierre in the subject line and the sky is the limit!!!

Share a memorable time with those you love. It doesn’t have to be expensive and you will all know how very much you are loved!


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