Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

We have the privilege to live in America!! Our Thanksgiving Day comes to us with a wonderful history of gratefulness. Gratefulness to God, who brought the pilgrims across the Atlantic Ocean during the storms of winter. Gratefulness to the American Indians who helped the pilgrims plant crops and grow food for themselves. Gratefulness for a new land that allowed religious freedom which was the reason they came in the first place.

At this time of year, before the Christmas holiday bustle, it is very appropriate to remember the innumerable things for which we are thankful. America has always been a nation of thankfulness and generosity. This comes from our Judeo-Christian heritage. The understanding there is a God who creates order and normality in the universe gives us a foundation from which to view the world.

Look around today and focus on the good things in your life. Take a moment to be grateful. It will greatly affect your state of mind. Write down some of the things for which you are grateful: your family, the other people in your life, your pets, the conveniences you are able to enjoy, the out of doors. The list goes on and on.

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