Christmas, the Holiday’s, Celebrations Are Coming!!!

Usually this time of year I am sending you many suggestions for gifts you and baby can give to friends and relatives. I have provided url codes for framed photos of baby, molded clay, for making hand and foot print ornaments, projects for your older kids and more!!! We had a wedding this week. Our daughter married the man of her dreams. It was lovely and much awaited. We are exhausted!!! Ha! Ha!

I am going to recommend you look back in my blogs to October and November in years past. There will be many ideas for you and your family to enjoy. My recommendation: begin ordering now. In order to receive your items, add the photos and hand prints, and get them off in the mail you need time!!! Adding stress to your life is not the best. So order your projects today and get them out. Then you are free to enjoy the holidays!!! Your gifts will find wonderful places in the hearts of those you love, and you will be happy!

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