A Cliff Note Evaluation of the Netflix Twelve Part Series ‘Babies’

As a postpartum doula certified through the Doula Association of North America (DONA) I must go through the process of recertification every three years. This process opens me to new literature, studies, videos, and philosophies within the field of infants services. This is really a satisfying activity. But wait, perhaps I am speaking ahead of myself.

Definition: Postpartum doula, a trained infant care specialist providing education, support, encouragement and practical direction to parents of newborns.

The field of infant cares is as old as life itself. Since the the beginning women have supported young mothers and fathers. Grandmas, mothers, aunts, cousins, church members, friends, neighbors and others have some along side new mommies to share their advice and help. The process of becoming parents is so overwhelming, in many ways it is a group project. Having those who have traveled this path before them opens new parents to the world of wise child rearing.

As a professional doula I am able to share the experience of parenthood benefiting new parents, their families, and their babies. It is an incredible privilege. I love my work! The experiences gained in raising my own children (all five of them), supporting friends and relatives in their parenthood adventures, my counseling degree from the University of California, and the numerous families inviting me into their homes to serve them, have provided a myriad of ideas and skills. Pretty much any road new parents will travel has come up somewhere along the way. If not, I have a huge reservior of fellow doulas, midwives, and medical professionals on which to draw.

Anyway, as I began to say, I am studying my craft vigorously in order to hone my skills. As I do this I look for material I believe will aid new parents in their journey. One such gem is a series (2020) developed by Netflix entitled “Babies”. This ten part series discusses many of the topics new parents know they need to understand. Because of it’s massive availability in the market place (220M subscribers worldwide) Netflix is a wonderful tool for doulas like myself. It is easy to access and this series was produced with new parents in mind.

Below find a list and description of the topics covered in the series. I will discuss each in a blog entry to provide you a thumbnail sketch of what is covered. If the subject is of interest to you find the particular video and watch. Know the information is researched and discussed at length. It may run more slowly than preferred, but the content is of great value.

Netflix 2 Part: 12 episode Series. “BABIES”.  2020   (600 minutes total)

There are twelve episodes in total of the Netflix show, with each episode focusing on a different aspect of a baby’s development, and parenting.

GOOD TO KNOW @  https://www.goodto.com

Empowering Parents to do it Their Way

This new series digs deep into the science behind our little ones – here’s everything we know about ‘Babies’ on Netflix   Babies is the latest binge-worthy documentary series on our favorite streaming service, Netflix. BY GRACE WALSH. PUBLISHED JUNE 24, 2020

When series one hit Netflix earlier this year, it joined the ranks of binge-worthy viewing on the streaming channel.

The Netflix Babies docu-series follows 15 different newborns from all over the world, as both parents and baby (opens in new tab) begin to navigate their way through the first year of the little one’s life.

Series one taught us about the first year of a baby’s life – everything from the biology of bonding to the role that family pets play in the strengthening of a newborn’s immune system(opens in new tab). And now as series two has landed on Netflix and is available to stream right now, we’re buckling in for another journey through the life of a newborn baby.

Part 1. Episodes:

  1.  Love:  The biology of bonding unravels to reveal how caregiving, social interaction and stress can physically change both parent and newborns.
  2. First Food:  Proving babies truly are what they eat, researchers discuss how breast milk, iron and microbes can enrich, nourish and protect offspring.
  3. Crawling: From how they grow to how they go, three scientists find out crawling is much more than just a transitional phase.
  4. First Words:  Experts examine the rhythm and flow of language and explore how babies break down linguistic beats before they know how to speak.
  5. Sleep:  Researchers delve into sleep, a dynamic time for babies with studies twitching, apps and naps.
  6. First Steps:  Scientists venture into the ways walking changes a baby’s world and unveil findings on neonatal reflexes, skeletal development and talking

Part II  Episodes:

  1. What Babies Know: Challenging the notion of a blank slate, three studies explore how babies are born with expectation about everyday life.
  2. Movement:  From curiosity to understanding: researchers unveil the surprising ways infants learn how to anticipate and respond to the movements of others.
  3. Senses:  Several experts make sense of how babies touch, taste and see as they embark on a sensory journey shaping the rest of their lives/
  4. Relationships:  A coy smile, a puppet shoe and a ointed finger lead to discoveries in how babies get along with others using humor, morality and shared experiences.
  5. Nature and Nurture:  Resolving the debate of nature verses nurture, three scientists show how genetics and environment work together as infants discover who they are.
  6. Toddlers: Researchers reveal the social skill toddlers naturally possess, abilities ultimately separating humans from all other species.

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