5 Little Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Relationship

Letters to Philip: On Keeping Love in Marriage 1968 

by  Charlie W. Shedd  (Author)

Very simply advice for strengthening your relationship: These simple acts of love will show your significant other you are thinking of them and care about their needs. Practice these for a month with out telling your partner. Watch your relationship grow and deepen through simple acts of kindness.

Every Day:

Action: Confirmation:

  1. Tell him you love him ~                          Verbal affirmation
  2. Pay him a compliment ~                         Look for good
  3. Pray for him ~                                          Seek the very best
  4. Do something nice for him ~                Show kindness
  5. Hug & kiss him every single day ~      Physical connection

I look forward to hearing your successes!! JUDY

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