Tummy Time and Your Baby

How do you see tummy time? In the early weeks of parenthood there are so many different things you are thinking of. If this is your first baby you are truly overwhelmed! New mommies are concerned about their milk supply, their baby’s feedings, pooping, urinating, skin issues, and on and on. In addition to all this your pediatrician recommends practicing tummy time early on. Why?

Over the years the pendulum of baby care swings back and forth. Breastfeeding, tummy time, when to introduce solid foods, when to sleep train, formula, & breast pumps are just a few of the topics that have completely changed in the last several years. Holistic doulas and pediatricians adhere to the wisdom of the ages rather than the medically expedient liturgical standards. Mothers who are served by them are less stressed, and their babies develop strength and skills more rapidly.

These issues are not discussed in the public forum for fear of litigation. If someone steps out of the formally accepted norms they are at risk. So these practices, while rampant, are ignored. Many babies these days have been sleeping on their tummies since birth. These babies develop the abilities to roll over, sit up, and crawl on an average of three months earlier than babies who do not. On their tummies they strengthen their core muscles, neck muscles, and arms much earlier than babies who are on their backs for the majority of the time.

Babies who are allowed to sleep on their tummies sleep well earlier. They experience less gas as the pressure of bring on their tummies settles their digestive systems.

My Baby Prefers to Sleep on Tummy

Baby sleeping on tummy

My Baby Prefers to Sleep on Tummy – is this OK?

The majority of articles out there will tell you to place your baby on her back for the first year. The interesting thing is that the majority of babies will turn themselves over to their tummies as early as possible. Once babies realize they are able to choose their sleeping position they choose tummy down. In that position they feel more protected, more stable. You can put your six month old on her back, but the odds are when you check on her in the night she will have turned herself over. This fact causes parents untold stress. They are told babies can not breath on their tummies.

Remember the pendulum mentioned earlier? In the 80’s mothers would never have dreamed of placing babies on their backs. Those working in the baby care field remember those days and understand they will return. While you have to do what you believe to be best with your baby, be sure to look at all sides of this issue. Talk with your friends and their moms. Ask your own mother what she did with you. Happy mothering!!! These are the best years of your life!! Enjoy them thoroughly!!


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