Another Tool for Your Parenting Adventure

New moms are concerned about their breastmilk supply. This fear is universal. Breastfeeding is a bit of an unknown. Your body makes milk and will release it to a breast pump, but no where as well as it will let down in breastfeeding. Thus, pumping really does not let you know how much milk your baby is drinking. Your pediatrician will weigh your baby in his diaper and then have you feed him. Then baby will be weighed again in the same clothing as before. This gives an accurate weight on the breastmilk consumed. You can weigh baby fully dressed before and after a feeding with the same results.

I am a minimalist on baby gear. As you know, you can spend thousands of dollars on what some will tell you absolutely have to have in your home. Me, not so much. I encourage families to purchase the essential items and wait until baby is here to decide what else you truly want to have around. So, when I recommend baby gear, you know it is serious! Ha! Because there is such a great concern of new mothers for their breastmilk supply, I am now recommending the purchase of a baby scale. If you have friends delivering months before or after you share one with them. It is not something you will need to use for long, but the peace it can give you that you baby is receiving enough breastmilk is so worth it! They start at under $30.00.


My lack of computer skills has not allowed me to add a photo of a scale. Look up ‘infant weight scale’. Many will materialize. Or better yet, talk with friends and family about which ones they like best. Recommendations are the most practical way to find high quality items. If a baby scale can minimize stress for you in the early months of parenting it is totally worth the cost!!!

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