How is Your Milk Supply?

Below find a formula to arrive at the amount of milk baby needs by his weight. This is pretty great!! It will help you know how much milk baby should be drinking each feeding.

How to calculate the amount of breast milk per bottle

Every new mom I have met, well almost every new mom, is concerned about the amount of breast milk she is producing. It comes with the territory. You are thinking these thoughts too, come on, admit it. When you breastfeed it is not possible to measure all that comes out. When baby is breastfeeding he simply devours it and you don’t know how much he drank.

How can this issue be resolved? When you pump you don’t produce the same way/amount as when baby suckles. So how on earth do you figure out how much he eats? Should you be worried about it? What are the indicators your baby has as much as he needs?

First, is he putting on weight? If his weight is climbing he is consuming enough to grow! Very Good. That is the goal. Sometimes there are those who pressure you to work on putting more weight on your child. We will talk about that in a minute.

Second, he has a reasonable happy disposition. He is calm, in general he is in a good mood. Again, great work. You are doing allot right if this is the case!!! Pat yourself on the back!!!

Third, he is pooping and peeing frequently. Don’t freak out on how often. As long as he is having wet diapers and poopy diapers consistently he is doing fine.

As mommy, no one knows your baby better than you. You would know if there were a problem with feeding. If 1, 2, &3 are all fine you have a baby who is doing well.

There are differing ideas about exactly what doing well means. If you are working with your doctor on a problem with your baby ask many questions. Be sure you understand the issues. Ask about what will resolve them and be certain .you understand the goals. How long does your doctor think it will take until they are resolved? Write down your questions through out the week. In the stress of the doctor’s office it is very easy to forget them.

Talk with your friends and others you know who have newborns. Do your own research on how quickly babies should gain weight. Sometimes parents are pressured to encourage weight gain for their babies. Unless there are other underlying issues a good goal is: Birth weight at 2 weeks of age, doubling birth weight at 6 months, and tripling birth weight at a year. Breastfeeding on demand will get you there easily. If you are encouraged to follow another pattern ask lots of questions. Run it by those who’s opinions you respect and have found to be true. Ask your mom how she did it with you. You turned out well, right?

One of my goals as a postpartum doula is to bring logic and peace to the parenting process. I encourage moms and dads to talk with those they know rather than researching on the Internet. The contrasting voices on the Internet will make you crazy. How do you find the best process for you and your baby? There will be time later on to compare and decide. Right now you are in survival mode. The voices of trusted friends and family will help you reach you goals.

Please let me know If I may help in your process.


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