Exercise Equipment for Baby

As baby becomes more attentive she will need to move around allot to develop her muscles. Once she is crawling she will be able to practice her own exercise. Until that time here are some great ideas for helping your baby develop her muscles and exhaust herself for better sleeping.

Please note I am not advocating particular items in this article. There are many different pieces provided by numerous companies. The cost varies. Do your homework and decide which items and which styles are most beneficial to you!!!

First: The Ottoroo Swimmy Floatie. This little water raft looks crazy. Yes, it is a blow up raft that goes around baby’s neck!!!! Our daughter-in-law uses it for our grandson and he loves it! Go to the otter website – Oteroo.com – and see for yourself. These are available for babies through 18 months. Our four month old grandson is comfortable in it and loves the independence of floating around the pool with out mommy holding on to him. Mommy never leaves his side, of course, but he fells like he is on his own. Its amazing!!! I would not have believed it if I had not seen it myself! Go to the website, Otteroo.com, and see what you think!!!

Twin Babies in Otteroo MINI Baby Neck Float

Second: Evenflo Johnny Jump Up Blue Owl Door Doorway Baby Jumper Jump Up Exerciser

            Be aware of the clamp – it needs to clasp to a door jam. Some are made to hang off a ceiling beam. Be sure you are ordering one that meets your hanging specificaitons.

This exercise item has been available for decades. It hangs in a door jam and allows baby to control his own movement with his legs. He jumps up and down and swings side to side. For active babies this is wonderful. It gives parents a break while in the room with baby.

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