How To Survive the Heat: You and Baby: #3 Take it Easy!!!

In general, warmer climates tend to enjoy a slower pace of life.  This is due to necessity. For those of us accustomed to doing what we want when we want to at breakneck speed, the heat throws a kink in our plans.  Having baby on board forces us to reevaluate our days, goals, and activities.  This is a good thing!  The heat accentuates our need to slow down and smell the roses!  Plan outings either early in the morning or after the sun has gone down.  Avoid going out if you are able.  Live a more relaxed lifestyle.  Stock up on cool drinks, popsicles, and easy meals.  Stay home and learn to enjoy relaxing.  For many of us this is an entirely new concept!  It can be a little scary.

This period of your life will pass more quickly than you can imagine.  Make the decision to enjoy it!  So you don’t get to the mall this instant….you will survive.  Being at home and comfortable is so worth it!!!  If home is unbearably hot find a cooler place.  It may be the mall, Ha!  Ha!  My obstetrician suggested “long walks in air conditioned malls” for my later months of pregnancy.  Breastfeeding moms tend to overheat too.  Another suggestion:  Wear your newborn in the carrier of your choice and go watch a movie in an air conditioned movie theater.  Newborns sleep well.  If you need to breastfeed it is dark and no one will know anyway!!  Look for outdoor locations with lots of shade. Turn the hose on outside for your older children.  Find another mom in your phase of life and share ideas.  There are many great suggestions for escaping the heat!  Please send me yours!!

Cut yourself come slack!  Accept the help and suggestions of others.  SLOW DOWN!!! The heat will pass and you will be the better for it!  All you have learned in the process will be available the next time it is hot, and you will be able to provide suggestions to others too!


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