Why America Celebrates Memorial Day

(This photo is from the terriorist attack at FT Hood, Texas 2009)

America’s respected military traditions began in the 1600’s with local militias and are strong today. Many of you have family and friends who have paid the ultimate price to support and defend our freedom. Our family is a military family. Our son, Daniel Eastman, is currently serving as Staff Sgt. in the US Marine Corps. Memorial Day recognizes those who paid the ultimate price in serving our country. It is a day when we stop to say thank you to them and their families.

Explanation of the fallen soldier memorial: The rifle is affixed with a bayonet and inverted, signifying that the Soldier went down fighting. The boots signify the Soldier’s last march onto the battlefield. Dog tags are imprinted with the Soldier’s name and hung from the rifle so their identity will never be forgotten. The helmet is placed atop the rifle representing what the Soldier stood for and signifying that their battle is now over. The Battlefield Cross is a sacred symbol amongst military members. Since a funeral is typically not possible during wartime, these symbols serve as a rallying point where surviving members of a unit can mourn and remember their fallen comrades. This Memorial Day, reach out to the Veterans that you know and give them a simple message: “We Remember.” We remember our country’s fallen, your brothers and sisters, and we appreciate and honor their sacrifice. #MemorialDay

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