Postpartum Nutrition

Ancient Cultures: How new mom’s were cared for

The options to new mothers for nutrition and wonderful postpartum care are endless!! As my education in postpartum care continues I am becoming more aware of the traditions and benefits of other cultures in caring for new moms.

In serving several Chinese families the things I have leaned in the process have been fascinating. In ancient Chinese culture the month after the birth of a baby was considered to be a time of confinement. New mothers did not leave the house. They did not cook or clean. They rested, healed, and learned to care for their newborns. Relatives cooked a special diet for them, cleaned, washed, and provided all their needs.

The Chinese call it zuo yue zi, which means “to sit a month.” In addition, the mother must also follow a very strict diet. “Confinement meals” are prepared during the month, and postpartum mothers must only eat what is given and nothing else. This age-old tradition dates back to year 960 and is still very commonly practiced in Asia.

This confinement diet can be delivered to your home if you have no-one to prepare it for you. It consists of foods, tea. vegetables and herbs designed to help your body heal and encourage milk production. These dishes look delicious and would be wonderful any time.

Learning about nutrition will benefit you as your baby grows and you seek the best foods for your family. Check out the recipes and selections in the Pentrist link below.

Best Chinese Confinement Recipes

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