Naming Your Baby

How on earth do you select the name your darling baby will carry the rest of his or her life? This is a big responsibility! Yes???? Thank God you have some time to think about it! For some this decision is a piece of cake. There is a family or favorite name you have had on your mind for years. For most this simply isn’t the case. Some cut down the choices by naming each of their children a name starting with the same letter! Some choose names with religious significance. What ever direction you take you have a challenge ahead.

There are books with names, the top ten names list on the internet, names of great meaning, and simply the names your friends and family have selected. When we had our daughter, our fourth, we named her Lindsey, my maiden name. My sister-in-law delivered her first, a girl, three weeks later. I had no idea, but she had selected the same name. She was so gracious, I did not learn this until years later. She chose another name and has her precious Jill. It would have been good for us to discuss what we were planning to name our babies ahead of time. I encourage you to talk about names if you have relatives expecting babies close to the time yours is due. You will save some last minute shuffling!!!

The spelling of names is quite a challenge these days. Example: Our daughter’s name Lindsey can be spelled; Lynse, Lindsay, Lyndze, Linse and on and on. As someone who worked in the postpartum department of several hospitals I encourage you to keep names simple. Especially for boys. Elaborate spellings and numerous names will make life more difficult for your child. Different cultures highlight different things when selecting names. Be sure and your mate have talked about the many possibilities. Talk with your family too. You never know, they may come up with a possibility you absolutely love!!! It is good to let them feel a part of the process. Explain you are looking for ideas, and retain the right to name you baby what you choose! HA!

If you have reached a impasse and simply can not come up with names you like, look into books, novels, internet naming sites, etc. Some couples do not reveal the name until after the baby’s birth. Others share it when the sex is revealed. What ever you choose to do, this is your decision. It is your speecial prevelage. Enjoy it!!!

Happy Baby Naming!!!!! JUDY

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