WOW!!!! Everyone Want’s a Doula!!!

With the restrictions being lifted in California apparently everyone wants a doula!!! There are more jobs than people to fill them!!! It is wonderful to see families open to having trained professional help in their homes as they welcome their newborns!!! We are so happy to be here to serve you!!!

For many months families were uncomfortable asking strangers into their homes. This is heartbreaking to those of us who love to serve you!!! The early days with a new baby are a challenge. Parents are exhausted and disoriented. Everything in new and uncertain. Everyone needs help!

So many young families do not have relatives close by or friends who are available. Just having another person who has ‘been there done that’ is such a relief. The feelings of inadequacy and concern are completely normal. Again, everyone goes through them as they learn to care for their precious little ones. You are developing your ‘New Normal’. It takes time. Having someone around who does this professionally takes the pressure off. I am a night doula and work with families to help mom and dad rest up. Comments like:”I am finally beginning to feel normal.” and, “This is the first time I have slept since she was born” are common.

Know you are not alone in needing help. A few dollars spent now on professional postpartum doula service will bring peace to your home. Please do not hesitate to contact me or an agency near you. We are excited to make our selves available to you!! JUDY

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