In years past Happy New Year wishes simply included joy and hopefulness for the incoming year. After 2020 there are many feelings of moving past and on to the future!! 2021 can only improve!! HA! HA!

As we work past this year, where everyone has experienced feelings of fear and confusion, there are different things to consider. Things are still up in the air in many states. If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the states opening up life should return to normal soon. Allowing schools to open and businesses to operate will bring a feeling of normalcy for your children. Our kids are older, dealing with these issues as parents. There have been many conversations about how to help little ones feel safe. Removing masks as soon as possible is essential. The science on the effectiveness of masks is questionable at best. Yet they instill fear in the hearts of kids for many reasons.

Children are learning the meaning of facial expressions, innuendo, and voice fluctuation. Masks hide each of these things. Children are taught to stay away from strangers. With masks on everyone is a potential stranger. Children need smiles and kisses in mass. They need your touch to interpret your mood. They need it for encouragement and peace. When ever possible allow your children to be in the company of others with out masks. The risk of Covid for them is almost nonexistent.

I wish you wonderful things as 2021 unfolds. Have a lovely year!!! JUDY

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