Fun Holiday Projects for Little Ones

At this time of year Little ones and their friends are underfoot looking for something to do. I love projects that use household items and allow kids to use their own creativity!!! Stocking snowmen, glittered pinecone tree ornaments, and hand print plaques are just a few of the darling ideas in the article below.

Pull out the popsicle sticks, glitter, old socks, pipe cleaners, tacky glue, and get started!! I keep a small box on a shelf in the garage and add these items through out the year when find them. God spray paint is a great addition as well a googly eyes and any pretty things to glue on for decoration!

Grama and Grampa love these happy creations on their trees to remind them of the younger years of their grand babies. You will too!!!

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

Sock Snowman

  All Free Sewing

Given up on finding mates for a couple of odd socks hanging out in the laundry room? Put them to work as wintry snowmen with this easy tutorial. Little ones will love meticulously filling their sock with uncooked rice, rubber-banding it into a snowman, and decorating with buttons and paint. An adult can help by sewing (or gluing) everything securely shut.

Sock Snowman from All Free Sewing

Pine Cone Ornament

Pine Cone Ornament
 Lovely Indeed

Head out to the yard to gather supplies for this tried-and-true Christmas craft. A clean pine cone works great as a rustic base for glue and glitter. Set kids to work glittering in a shallow plastic container to simply cleanup later. Wire ornament hooks attach pretty easily to one of the upper pine cone scales, but a partially unbent paper clip or bit of yarn would work in a pinch too.

Pine Cone Ornament from The Spruce

Handprint Ornament

Handprint Ornament
  The Imagination Tree

Capture a moment in time by printing your toddler’s palm into a mound of homemade salt dough. This project is perfect for the littlest crafters—they can help with everything from mixing up the dough, pushing their hands in, and painting the piece once it’s dried overnight. Tie a piece of string through to turn these into ornaments, and add them to the tree or wrap them for the perfectly DIYed grandparents’ gift.

Handprint Ornament from The Imagination Tree

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