Crazy Recommendations and Straight Talk on Immunities in New Borns

This week I received a telephone call from a relative.  Her first grandchild will be born in late September.  She learned that the pediatrician chosen has recommended no one be allowed to see the baby until it is six months old!!!!!  No grandmas, aunts, uncles; no one. She and the other grandma have no other grandchildren.  They are devastated!!!

The death rate among infants from COVID is minuscule.  In California not a single child has died of the virus.  Why on earth would a young family be told not to allow anyone to see their baby?  As a doula, this not only sounds strange it sounds dangerous.  Aunts and grandmas are invaluable to new mommies.  Their experience, support and advice are a great source of encouragement to young mothers.  In addition, they are the ones who care for baby while exhausted mommy and daddy rest up.  Family members do the cooking and laundry, they shop, they share information learned when they were young parents.  I ask again, how could this exclusion of all family members even be considered?

I don’t have the details but perhaps the pediatrician has no children?  Perhaps she missed the the med-school unit on the necessity of emotional and practical support of patients?  I have no idea, but I am flabbergasted!!  I will do some research and try to figure out what is up.

Below find some interesting articles on immunities in infants.  More information to come:

20 Things To Know About Baby’s Immune System

Understanding some key points about a baby’s health and that bitty body’s ability to protect itself can be reassuring and helpful.   By Amy Smith    Dec. 23, 2018

How Breast Milk Protects Newborns

Written by Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC




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