A NewYork-Presbyterian pediatrician explains the new illness and the symptoms parents should look for.


Below please find three separate organizational articles discussing a possible link of Inflammatory Syndrome in children related to COVED 19.  Know that of literally hundreds of thousands of cases worldwide there have only been an handful of deaths related to this complication.  Personally, I would prefer not to pass this information on to you in that the occurrence is so rare the odds are you will never know someone affected. However, with the doom and gloom prophets abounding, you will hear of this somewhere.  Each article begins with the disclaimer that this complication is rare as to  not raise fear.

You are doing your very best for your little ones.  They are at home in quarantine, they are healthy and happy and raring to get back to normal.  They are a bit stir crazy, as are all of us.  In addition, they are eager to be with friends, on the beach, with their teams, and back to normal.

Good work!!  The last few months have taken an enormous toll on all of us.  Parents are stressed, kids are too.  Our creativity has met it’s limits and we are all eager to return to life as we knew it!!

Stay on course.  Summer is here.  Our immunities grow and expand when challenged.  Know being out of doors around others builds immunities.  Staying at home diminishes them.



Inflammatory Syndrome and COVID-19: What Parents Need to Know

Stanford Children’s Health




healthy children.org

COVID-19 and Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children




New York Presbyterian

Health Matters  Stoies of Science, Care, & Wellness

A NewYork-Presbyterian pediatrician explains the new illness and the symptoms parents should look for.


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