Life is a Whirlwind!!!!!

It is wonderful to be coming out of quarantine and moving into real life again!!!  I pray you and your family are healthy and feeling great!!  In California the sunshine is out.  Yesterday, Mother’s Day, was the first day we have been out on the beach since this whole thing began.  Yeah!!!!!  It feels like we have been in a time warp where everything stood still.

What do you have planned for the near future?  Have you accomplished every home project you ever thought of???  My kitchen cabinets have been painted, our teak patio set has been re-oiled, the lemon trees have been pruned as well as the rosebushes.  We are ready for summer.  It feels great!!

In California we are moving out of quarantine at breakneck speed.  People are raring to work and eager to get back to normal.  Hopefully we all have a much greater appreciation for our normal lives!  We are fortunate to live in America at this place in time.  We are looking ahead to fantastic things!!!

It will be interesting to watch the fallout from COVED.  Once things have settled down and everything is analyzed, what will the powers that be decide?  This was a massive reaction to a flu.  Will it be decided that the cost of the quarantine was worth the damage?  Souplantation, one of our favorite restaurants says they will be going out of business.  It is difficult to consider the thousands of jobs lost.  Neman Marcus, a high end clothing chain is filing for chapter 11, bankruptcy.  There will be major changes.

We will walk this path together, learning how to cope.  Best wishes to you and your family.  Reach out if you need help.


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