Understanding What You Can Control And What You Can Not

The diagram below looks at different parts of our lives and differentiates between those we can control and those we can not.   This is a healthy exercise. Worrying about things over which we have no control is a waste of time.  We have no control over which supplies the stores will have today.  Loosing sleep over this, fretting over it, focusing on it will only make you unhappy.  You have no control over how long the ‘shelter in place’ rules will apply or how others will respond.

What do you control?  You control your own response.  Are you at peace?  Are you kind to those around you, helping them figure out ways to meet their needs?  Thinking on the things you are able to impact is empowering.  It helps you realize you are not at the mercy of circumstances.  Focusing on the needs of others does the same thing.

I cannot control.jpg

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