Two Very Simple Ways to Avoid the Corona Virus

Below is a link to an interview with a bio-chemist mom.  She is military trained in biological warfare, with a Masters Degree and working on a PhD.  Her ideas are very practical and simple.

I encourage  you to listen to the 50 minute interview.  She has many ideas that will help you in your daily life to increase your immunities and protect those you love.

Her practical suggestions:

  1.  Increase you body heat.  The Corona virus is very susceptible to heat.  Keep your body heat at a normal rate and you will kill the virus before it has the opportunity to invade your system.  It dies around 85* Fahrenheit.  If you are warm you body temperature should be 98.6* F.  Wear a scarf to keep your neck warm.  Keep doors and windows closed at home.  Turn off fans.  When you go out wear a hat to protect your ears.  Drink hot water continually.
  2. Eliminate all sugar until the threat subsidies.  Any kind of sugar diminishes your body’s natural immunities.   Wines, starches, processed sugars, ice cream, sodas, fruit, candy, cookies, pastries, etc. should be avoided during this time.


Listen to this podcast.  You will learn her reasoning behind these ideas.  It will help you to realize you can do things to help your family.  You will feel empowered and it will relieve many of the fears you are experiencing.

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