Finding Your Calm In The Storm

As a new parent you are aware of everything.  The media hype on the Coronavirus has been overwhelming!  Every where you look there are shortages. terrifying articles, warnings, and fear.  How do you digest all this information and make the best choices for your family?

First, take a deep breath and center yourself.  Do not allow yourself to be swept away in the tumult.  There are always voices of reason in the insanity.  These voices speak truth and calm in the midst of those shouting destruction.

Surround yourself with wise people whose counsel your respect.  As a new parent you are already feeling and experiencing stress.  This is part of going through events for the first time.  The responsibility of making decisions for someone other than just you is huge.  The choices you make for your baby are major.

As a new parent you are hyper focused on the needs of your baby.  This is as it should be.  If you have any questions or concerns ask!!!!  Ask your relatives and friends.  Call your pediatrician.  Better to be the irritating new parent than to not obtain the information you need.

The greatest concern with Coronavirus is reparatory problems.  If your baby is struggling to breath get help.  Better to be safe than sorry.  New babies are just learning to breath outside the womb.  They often have erratic breaths.  I encourage you to be very aware.  No one knows your baby as well as you do.  If your baby is having difficulty breathing go to the doctor’s office or the Emergency Room at your local hospital.  Do not sit in a room full of sick people.  Have someone else go with you who can wait to be called while you keep your baby away from those who are ill.  If it is not too cold, stay in the car with your baby until you are called to see the doctor.  If that doesn’t work keep your baby in a wrap with her face against your chest, covered with a blanket.  This will minimize the germs close to her.

This could make it more difficult, but I encourage you not to go to an urgent care facility.  Go directly to your pediatrician, midwife, or hospital.  You want care from a facility that has your baby’s medical records available.  You want continuity of care.  Once your doctor is aware of the issues your baby is experiencing you want him or her to be the one making medical decisions for your baby.  Involving more doctors or facilities than necessary only opens the door to more problems.  If you can not get to your pediatrician ask him or her where you should go.

My son and his wife had their fourth baby in early February.  It is now March 11.  Their son is five weeks old.  He spent most of the last week in the hospital with respiratory issues.  He is struggling with RSV, Respiratory Syncytial Virus.  This is a virus very common in babies.  It is dangerous in babies under the age of 2 months.  With the concern over the Coronavirus they took him in at the first sign of respiratory issues.  Because he is their fourth, they had a good idea what to look for.

This is our family’s personal experience with reparatory issues in a new born.  DO NOT MESS AROUND!!!!  If you are concerned for your child get help!!!  The best situation is to get to your own pediatrician, midwife or doctor.  If you have concerns call your health care provider and you will be given instructions.

Hugs and Kisses as you care for your little ones!!!  JUDY

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