Ideas for Staying Healthy in 2020

Last Saturday morning my daughter and I spent 2.5 hours in the Urgent Care facility at Kaiser.  The place was packed!  Ill people everywhere!  She was experiencing stolen glands and pain in her neck.  She and everyone else in Orange County!!!

Here are some simple ways to avoid infection and illness during this time of year!

First, wash your hands and the hands of your little ones often.  This is such a simple process and makes a huge difference.  No matter how careful you are your hands touch way more than you realize.  Just washing them with soap and water will make a big difference in infection and illness in your life!

Second, brush your teeth several times a day to cut down on bacteria. This is a new method being practiced in hospitals and care facilities.  Studies have found this has greatly reduced the occurrence of pneumonia and other contagious diseases!!!

Third, wash your clothing more often during this time of year.  When you have been out in public go home and change clothes.  This is a precaution against allowing more germs into your home.  If you go somewhere with many sick people, Dr. offices, urgent care, or a hospital understand there are millions of germs floating around.  Protect yourself.  (Hospital personal are taught not wear their shoes from work into their homes.  They leave them in the garage to avoid spreading germs)

Fourth, if you work in an office, and many associates parade through your space, wipe down surfaces with disinfectant wipes.  Don’t do this in front of coworkers, you make yourself look a little crazy.  But be aware.

Fifth, when other children come to play be sure they are healthy.  Encourage everyone to wash their hands and faces when they arrive.  It is just good practice.  Make it fun, have colorful soaps and fun paper towels to dry with.  Make it a game.

Sixth, when visitors go home put you kids in the bathtub.  Put their clothing in the laundry.  Teach them to wipe down their toys and games. If they used the computer or video games wipe them down with antibacterial wipes. Just as a precaution.  Only at this time of the year when sickness is prevalent.

These are some helpful hints for keeping you and your family well when illness is everywhere.  Hope they help.  Please send your suggestions so we can all have a healthy happy 2020!

Thank you,  JUDY

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