Take Care of Yourself!

Somehow, when the holidays hit, life becomes more of a whirlwind than normal!  There are so many projects to complete, friends and family who want time, activities you want to add to the schedule:  tree lightings, Christmas movies, cookies to bake, etc.,  Life becomes so busy many find themselves exhausted and ill.  With small children, your family life is already on the edge.  If you allow yourself to become ill who is going to pick up the slack?

Make your home a place of peace.  Be the gate keeper of your schedule.  Be aware of when you are over planned.  Learn to say , “NO”.  There is always next Christmas.  If something can’t fit into the schedule, do it later.  Do not allow yourself to be pushed to your limit.  At that point none of the holiday activities are fun anyway!

Your small children and family members won’t mind doing activities in January if that works better.  Your peace of mind is far more valuable to you and your family than another lunch out, etc.

Figure out what helps you relax and plan it into your days.  I used to save Fridays as our day off.  We would not schedule any other activities for Friday.  It was a family day to enjoy.  We went to the park or beach and had time together.  It was my recharge day.  Oh how valuable and mentally relaxing having one day completely off worked out.


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