An Advent of Kindness!!!

Starting December 1st lets do an Advent of Kindness!!!  Advent is the time leading up to Christmas Day.  This project costs very little and blesses many including you!  Lets focus on how to bless those with whom we come in contact through out the harried holiday season.  The list below is divided by date.  It encourages you to think about others on a daily basis.  If you want to double up your kindnesses do so!   JUDY

December 1st: Give someone a hug!

2nd:   Pay someone a compliment!

3rd:    Let someone in front of you in line!

4th:    Hold a door open for someone!

5th:    Give someone you love your full attention!

6th:    Do something kind for a local charity!

7th:    Tell a joke to make someone laugh!

8th:     Do something kind for yourself!

9th:     Hide a happy note for someone to find today!

10th:   Donate unwanted books to a local charity!

11th:    Smile at a stranger, or 2, or 15!!!

12th:    Contact an old friend or relative!

13th:     Let a car in front of you in traffic!

14th:     Write or text a big thank you to someone!

15th:     Pay for someone’s order at the drive thru!

16th:     Smile and say a jolly thank you to someone who serves you!

17th:     Do something kind for your spouse, friend, child, etc.!

18th:     Tell someone you love them!

19th:     Offer to help someone!

20th:      Feed wild animals, birds, or ducks!

21st:       Donate unwanted clothing or toys to charity!

22nd:     Prepare an unexpected kindness for someone!

23rd:     Provide something special for your postman!

24th:     Ponder the reason for the season!

25th:     Read a favorite holiday story to little ones.

26th:     Spend quite time with those you love!

27th:     Think about what has brought you the most joy over the last month!

28th:     Write or text thank you’s for any gifts you received!

29th:     Contact the first person you think of and wish them a Happy Hew Year!!!

30th:     Consider all the wonderful things you experienced over the past year!

31st:      Decide which of these kindness you want to take into the New Year!

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