Planning Ahead for a Happy Holiday in Your Home

As you look ahead to the holidays plan activities you believe to be the most important.  Do you prefer quite celebrations with your family?  Parties with many friends?  Do you want to invite new friends to your dinner table?  Is it times of giving and serving to help your children see the value of giving to those less fortunate than themselves?  You have a month and a half before New Years.  Make it count for what is truly important to you.

Below find some “prepare ahead of time” Christmas or Hanukkah gifts for your family.  These gifts are organized around photos and other keepsakes from baby.  They are a precious reminder of how small baby is and what baby looks like this holiday.

Hand or foot modeled patterns of baby this year:

Pearhead Babyprints Ornament By White

$9.99 nearby·In stock

These can also be found at Zulily and


Photo Ornaments:

Purchasable online or at most stores selling ornaments.  Put a photo of baby’s first Christmas in, be sure to put the date in the photo.  A lifetime keepsake of baby as a baby!

Currently Michael’s has their $6 photo ornaments on sale for $4.  It you find one of their great coupons you might even find them for less!

(I always look for these items at the after Christmas sales!!!  They are usually half price!)



Personalized Gold Plated Bell Ornaments

Engraved Silver, Gold, or Rose Colored Bells with baby’s name and birth year


This is a wonderful tradition for you to begin right now.   Organize a card having photos or you and your immediate family.  There are cards available on line having several windows to fill.  Be sure you and daddy are in there.  It will be so much fun for you all to look back and see what each of you looked like on baby’s first holiday.  make sure the card has a place to enter your family name and the year.  Costco has cards for as little as $.25 each including foil lined envelopes!  Shutterfly, and many of the online ordering houses have cards to be printed.
Save one each year in a note book or specially printed book for this purpose.  It is amazing to see how fast baby grows, what you look like, hoe hairstyles and clothing changes.  Baby could literally be looking at this when he is a grandfather!!!  You will not be sorry you took the time to share the holiday with friends and saved your gift to them!
I have seen families who display the cards they made each year on ribbon for all to see.  It is an incredible way to remember your lives together!!!

There are so many fun ways to remember baby’s first Christmas.  Please forward any you know of that are not mentioned.  I would love to share them with everyone!!!

Happy Planning,  JUDY

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