To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate ……That is the Question

Currently in the US vaccinations are the way to go.  The medical doctors with whom I have discussed this are consistently in agreement.  You run a far greater opportunity for death or long term injury to your children if you do not vaccinate them.

Due to the decades of vaccinating against the diseases prevalent when our parents were young, those ailments have been all but irradiated in the US.  When is the last time you heard of an infant dying of Small Pox or being permanently disfigured by Polio?  Those illnesses are unheard of here.  Because of this, parents could get away with not vaccinating their children.  The recent influx of undocumented foreign nationals has changed all that.  Those who come from countries where medical care is sketchy have reintroduced the old time killers into our system.  Now, the only fail safe way of protecting your children is to be sure they have their own immunities to those diseases.

This has been a controversial topic due to supposed research linking vaccinations with Autism.  I encourage you to investigate this topic on your own.  The defining study in this area is severely lacking in both scientific data and breadth of control group.  If you really follow the diagnostic trail you will see there is not much behind the accusations that vaccinations cause Autism.

New Topic:  With the introduction of the internet came more information than any one person can absorb.  I encourage new parents to stay away from it.  Half the authors support one line of reasoning the other the opposite.  Coming to your own conclusion is overwhelming.  Learning every possible negative outcome paralyzes the decision process.  Talk with those in your frame of reference.  Ask the moms, pediatricians, grandmas, friends you respect.  What do they think about your particular question.  Better yet, what was their experience in raising their kids?  How did they deal with what ever question is at hand?  First hand experience in parenting is a wonderful teacher.

More to come…………..    JUDY

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