The Mystery of Growth Spurts…….

As a professional doula I have the privilege of shepherding new mommies and daddies in the adventure of parenting.  It is a miraculous process!  Babies arrive immobile and totally dependent.  They turn the lives of their parents upside down and their parents absolutely fall in love with them, anyway!!!  It is a life long growing, learning, laughing process.

There are a million and one books directing new parents on how to do this, perfectly.  Ha!  Ha!  The first thing I impress on the families with whom I work is “There are no perfect babies.” and “There are no perfect parents.”  The books that lead parents to believe there is a proper way to do almost anything do them a great disservice.  This adventure of becoming a family is individual.  Certainly there are goals to reach and things that will happen along the way to let you know you are proceeding well.  However, believing you can do this perfectly will only make you crazy.

Today we approach the mysterious process of growth spurts.  All babies go through them.  Some have a rough time and some barely even notice a change.  Until you walk this path with your individual baby you will not know which is for you.  If you have a second child there is no assurance he will follow the same program as his sibling.  Truthfully, it is a total gamble!  Below find several articles discussing the symptoms, the duration, and the outcomes of infant growth spurts.  I wish you the very very best as you proceed!


TODAY’S PARENT                                                     

WHAT TO EXPECT                                                          

THE BUMP                                                                              

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