Stroke Indicators

The possibility of someone you are with having a stroke is always there.  Knowing how to discern if it is actually a stoke is vital.  There are medications available in our country that can diminish the long term affects of stroke if administered with in a few hours of the incident.  Here are some simple ways to diagnose a stroke.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  If you believe someone is exhibiting one or more of these symptoms call an ambulance tor get them to an emergency room.  The medical staff will know what to do.

  1. Smile – Ask the person to smile – a stroke victim will have a crocked smile
  2. Ask them to speak a simple sentence -“chicken soup”.  If they garble the wording consistently there is a problem.
  3. Ask them to raise both arms at the same time.  If they can not do this easily there is a problem.
  4. Ask them to stick out their tongue – if the tongue is crocked there is a problem
  5. If someone has stumbled for no apparent reason check for others of these symptoms.

It is alway good to be aware of the people around us.  You would certainly appreciate it if someone did so for you or someone you love.  Lets take care of each other!!!

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