Stress and Life With Little Ones

I am reminded of this issue again through many recent incidences in my practice.  Learning how to diagnose stress in your life, and conquer it is a must.  Unless you are better than most, you live in a stressed out home where way too much activity is the norm.  You and your spouse require more of yourselves and each other than is humanly possible.  The problem is sooner or later something has to give.  Either you will be upset with yourselves or each other.  It is a huge discipline to avoid this madness.  It takes work!

On a regular basis your family needs to assess this issue.  The goal, peace and rest in your relationship and your home.  Your children are learning about life as they watch you.  Help them learn how to manage their lives wisely.  Slow down when you realize you are over extended.  Evaluate the important things, say “No” to other activities when you need time together as a family.  Learn how to read the signs in yourself.  Are you easily upset? Does the thought of another activity sound awful?  Do you miss just sitting the the backyard or park chatting with a friend while the kids entertain themselves?

When my kids were little the only time I found myself screaming at them was when I had too many responsibilities on my plate.  I stressed myself out through over commitment, and then was frustrated with the situation.  Little ones could not keep up with the schedule I created, so I took my frustration out on them.  Not O.K..

Take time to listen to your little ones.  Sit on the floor and look at them eye to eye.  Cuddle with them, hold them in you lap as you read them their favorite book.  This relaxed calm time is vital to them and you.  As much as possible push away the frantic pace our world accepts and enjoy these moments with your kids.  They are irreplaceable for you both.

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