Massage Therapy for Pregnant and Postpartum Women


                       MASSAGE THERAPY


When women are pregnant their bodies go through a multitude of changes.  Water is retained, skin and muscles are stretched, hormones change.  Each pregnancy is different, but all bring great changes physically and psychologically.  Pregnant women find massage a wonderful means of gaining comfort during these many changes.  Below you will find lots off practical ways massage contributes to healthy pregnancies.                       JUDY


These are the massage therapies that you experience while you’re pregnant and they don’t just benefit you, but the baby as well. Following are some of the benefits of prenatal massage therapies:

  • Reduces back pain

A backache is the most common issue almost all pregnant women suffer from; regular prenatal massage can help you get rid of back pain.

  • Reduces edema

You will generally see all the pregnant women out there with swollen hands and feet as well as the swollen belly, the best cure for this is, again, prenatal massage. Ditch those anti-swelling medications as they may harm the child and get prenatal massage therapies.

  • Better sleep

Due to lots of hormonal changes going on inside the body, many women find it hard to sleep at night, and they remain uneasy and uncomfortable throughout the night. Prenatal massage improves the quality of sleep to a great degree.

  • Reduces muscle tension and headaches 

Most women complain about stretched muscles in pregnancy. Prenatal massage therapies are proven to be very beneficial for muscle tension and the usual pregnancy headaches that are mostly caused because of hormonal changes and stress.



These are the therapies that you take after giving birth to your child. They bring along amazing benefits for you, help with weight loss and shapes your body more than any other thing. Following are some great benefits of postnatal massage therapies:

  • Pain relief

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Giving birth is not an easy thing. After delivery, the body is mostly achy and you are all in pain. The postnatal massage therapies help in relieving the pain and make you feel a little more comfortable with the physical changes your body has gone through.

  • Regulates hormones

Pregnancy is all about raging hormones, and lots of hormonal changes; postnatal massage therapies are proven to be the best remedy to regulate the hormones. Instead of drugs, try this simple and home remedy of postnatal massage.

  • Improves breastfeeding

Regular postnatal massage is very helpful in improving breastfeeding. For all the women who suffer from low milk production issue, postnatal massage is an ideal solution.

  • Stress reduction

Another great benefit of postnatal massage is that it reduces stress. There are many women out there who are suffering from postnatal depression, and they take over-the-counter drugs to cure this disorder. It can be easily treated with getting postnatal massage therapies on a regular basis.


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