These are a few of my favorite things….

Secret tips from an experienced doula!!!!!!

Disclaimer:  These are my ideas and suggestions.  If you find something you like better in any category please use it and pass on the information to me!  My feelings will not be hurt!  This is a growing living industry.  I am always happy for new suggestions. 

Caldesene Medicated Powder

CVS produces their own generic brand of this magical mix.  It is great for any kind of rash, yes even that kind, diaper, anything!  The CVS brand has the same active ingredient.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

This comes in many sizes.  It is expensive.  See if you like it.  It comes in a large tub container, Costco or Sam’s Pharmacy for the best price.   It is high end petroleum ointment, use for dry skin, etc.  Coconut oil works too

Gerber Cloth Diapers 

The best burp clothes ever made!   ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS THROW ONE OVER YOUR SHOULDER WHEN YOU PICK UP A BABY.  Make it a habit.  I promise you, you will not regret it!!!

Also, if you have a baby boy, ALWAYS have one close by when you are changing his diaper!   Another item you will be very happy to have!

MAM light weight pacifiers for newborns  

These are my favorite pacifiers for newbies.  They can hold on to them.  The others, the straight ones, shoot out when they suck!  You will see.  Find the ones you like best and keep putting them in until baby can hold on.  It takes a little while. You will gain hours, yes hours, of sleep once your baby can hold on! It is a learned behavior.  DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!  YOU ARE THE PARENT AND YOU DESERVE ALL THE SLEEP YOU CAN COME BY!!!!!


Your baby will not need to wear anything else for the first three months!!  Ha!  Ha!  (Well, he will need diapers.)  These are comfortable, easy to use, bleachable.  White is best because you will need to bleach the heck out of them!!!    When swaddled, baby will be plenty warm!!!


These will make your life so much easier!!!  The family I just worked with in Newport Beach swaddled baby in the flannel hospital blanket, then put one of these on to hold everything in place.  MIRACULOUS IDEA!  I had never seen it before!!!  I swear by this now!

Hospital Flannel Blankets     Order on line from:

While in the hospital figure out your favorite swaddle with the large blankets. Every nurse will have her way to do this.  Watch and learn, choose the way you like best.  I can only make it happen with the flannel blankets.  The gauze blankets are beautiful, soft, comfortable, but they do not swaddle worth a darn!  I cannot make them work!  And I have really tried!!  The reason using the blanket with in the swaddle is so great is because the swaddle does not hold those precious little legs in place.  Baby kicks around and wakes himself up! Babies are jampacked into the uterus during pregnancy.  The snug secure swaddle allows them to sleep as they are accustomed to doing.  It makes life so much easier!!  You will be grateful for every moment you can sleep!  Ha!


  1. Everyone you meet will have suggestions for how you can improve.  Smile, say thank you, and go home and do what you think is best.  Even if what they say is crazy, give them the benefit of the doubt.  Assume it comes from a well          meaning place. Don’t argue with them.  Seek peace.
  2. Decide, before you start taking baby out, what your position is on strangers touching your baby.  Everyone will want to, you just need to be prepared to direct them as to your desires.
  3. Bathing babies, as needed. You don’t need a bathtub.  A large bowl in the kitchen sink works great.  Until the belly button stump falls off, lay a thick towel next to the sink.  Lay baby down, wash with wash cloth diaper on, remove diaper to wash bottom.  Keep it simple!  No soap necessary.

Enjoy your time with your newborn.  It will pass by so much faster than you ever thought possible.  A year from now you will not believe your baby was ever this small.



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