Peace in Your Home: Judy’s Tried and True Newborn Helps

As life feels like it is on it’s ear it is difficult to be happy in your skin.  There are so many new things to learn.  You are exhausted most of the time, trying to cope with your own body changes and “New Normal”.  How can you make the transition from ‘Me’ to ‘Mommy’ more easily?


First, talk with your family and friends!  Many of them have already been down this path.  They will not have experienced it the same way you will, but they will have suggestions that will help.  In addition, they will offer a listening ear which every new mom needs!

Second, laugh a lot!  Doing your best to keep things light and easy will help everyone relax.  Be willing to laugh at your mistakes!!!  Cut yourself some slack!!!  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  When your infant son pees all over himself and you during a diaper change, see the humor in it!  Find some great music to listen to during your days.  Watch a funny movie or TV show when you have a moment.  Talk with people who help you see the lighter side of life.

Third, make sure you are eating well and resting when baby rests.  Yes, that is what everyone says.  Soon you realize if you don’t rest when baby does you won’t be resting!  You and baby are linked in more ways than you can imagine right now.  Give up trying to keep the house clean and take a nap.   YOU HAVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE TO HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE!!!  Now you need sanity and that comes with sleep!!  (It won’t always be this way, I promise)

Fourth, plan a few enjoyable moments for yourself each day.  Figure out what feeds your soul and make sure you plan for it.  Having something to look forward to gives you a whole new outlook on the monotony of your life right now.  Ten minutes reading a favorite book, a telephone call with a dear friend, a walk around the block alone, a wonderful bubble bath, a massage…..  Figure out what helps you most and plan a few minutes each day for something just for you!

As you and baby become better acquainted life will stabilize.  These ideas are for you.  I pray they make life easier for you as you grow into motherhood!!



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