Biding Farewell to 2018

As we look ahead to a New Year, resolutions, dreams and hopes we close the previous year.  I always appreciate remembering the challenges, failures, and successes of that year.  It is with a tear in my eye that I watch the TV dedications to those who passed in the closing year.  Most of them I never knew or met, but their contributions to our lives can not be ignored.  Steven Hocking passed this year.  His brilliance in scientific reason and his fortitude to continue despite unimaginable odds demand respect.  Both George and Barbara Bush passed this year.  This is common in long term marriages, the connection is so deep that life comes to an end for both in a short time.  My adopted parents were married 60 years and passed with in two months of each other.  I am sure there were many others who touched your lives and are no longer with us.

Now, on to the hope and excitement of the New Year.  If you are pregnant there will be many wonderful joys and challenges in coming months!!!  If you have already delivered you are experiencing the transition from ‘individual’ to ‘parent’.  In coming years you will be known as So and So’s Mom or Dad.  In a very short time you will have a hard time remembering life before your precious little one arrived.  It is amazing how quickly we acclimate to new roles in life.  It is truly an adventure!!  And it is individual.  No one will experience your life the way you will.  No one else will be the Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Friend….. you will be.  Embrace this, enjoy it, be your very best you, you will not regret it!!!!



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