Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

How can it already be Christmas again?????  This year flew by for most of us!  Our family is blessed with another beautiful granddaughter, Amanda Corine.  She was born in July, right between her two older sisters: Felicity, June, and Danielle, August.  Yes, three granddaughters, what precious gifts!!!  Right now two of our kids are returning from two weeks in Antarctica.  Yes, our kids are world travelers.  Ha!  Look what you have to look forward to!  Enjoy them while they are stationery, because once they start moving you are no longer in total control!  Ha!

One of our kids worked as personal assistant to Tony Robbins and his wife half the year.  That one put on literally hundreds of thousands of air miles!!!  Another, won his second term in the State House of Representatives where he lives!  A third became a Staff Sargent in the United Stated Marines.  There were many other incredible achievements this year, with five adult children there are way too many to mention.

We are grateful for a year of peace in America, for the improved economy for all, for the massive improvement in international relations.  It is with heartfelt thanks that we look to our creator as the provider of these many blessings.

Have a wonderful Christmas Day, what ever religion you follow.  Celebrate the joy and blessing of living in the greatest country on earth.  Enjoy those close to you and find peace.



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