December is Here!!!

Baby’s First Christmas/Hanukkah  will have all kinds of wonderful memories for you and your family.  I encourage you to take as many photos as you are able.  As time will show, finding a good photo with more than one person, especially if baby is involved, can be quite a feat.  I have a darling photo of my granddaughter from her first Christmas.  She was 6 months old.  Her mom and dad said it took 1,000 tries to get it!  Ha!!!  I laugh, but it actually could take that many.  Now they have three darling girls ranging in age from 3 years to 6 months.  Now it will take even more to find one they love……thank God things are digital now!!!!   They will save a fortune!!!

In our last entry we talked about photo ornaments and other ways to remember the season including your new family member.  I really encourage you to take a family photo each year.  It doesn’t have to be formal or professionally done, but looking back to those first holidays will fill your heart with so much joy!!!  This year during the after Christmas sales purchase a lovely album and save this year’s photo and a copy of your holiday card or letter.  Next year add another.  You will be so glad you took the time to set this up.  Your children and family members will love seeing mom and dad in their younger years!  You will remember that precious little bundle of joy who has grown up!!!  You can not loose on this one!!!

Also, take an individual photo of each child each year.  These are my very favorite ornaments.  Remembering my 33 year old on her first Christmas at 10 months of age.  There is truly nothing like it.  If you have a family member who understands how important this is to you and takes photos you like, ask them to do this for you each year.  I can be a bit of a planner, so I don’t know that I would trust someone else with this one.  But you know who you can depend upon.  Remember, an individual photo of each child.  Again during the after Christmas sales purchase the mini photo frames for that year and put babies photo in it.  You are set for next Christmas when you pull down the ornaments to decorate the tree.  So much fun!!!

More later,  JUDY

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