Will You Be My Valentine???

Before my first baby was born a dear friend delivered her son.  He was a bruiser and she was living in a state of perpetual exhaustion.  Yet, she was having the time of her life! I could not understand.  Her explanation: HAVING A BABY IS LIKE FALLING IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!

Wow!!!  No one can put this in words you can understand until you are holding that precious little one in your arms!!!  It was absolutely true!!!  After the birth of our baby, I completely understood.  You really do fall in love all over again!  God is so good.  You were made with all the physical hormones and feelings to bond with your baby as you would never have believed.  I remember hearing him stir for his 3:00 AM feeding.  “I get to go be with my baby!!!!!” went through my mind.  Adrenaline ran through my blood stream and I could hardly wait to jump out of bed and be with him.  The experience was amazing!

As I work with families welcoming their newborns into their lives I have the privilege of reliving this experience again and again.  This morning, during a 5:00 AM feeding, a new mom shared that her father was holding her baby daughter.  Mommy walked by and for the first time her daughter’s eyes locked on her and she reached for Mommy!  The experience was exhilarating!!!  So many more of these amazing moments are ahead for this family!  These are the incredible incidents that make all the sleepless nights and exhaustion worth it!!!  Parenthood is a blast!!!!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU AND YOUR NEW FAMILY!!!!  ENJOY!!!   JUDYVintage-Image-Cupid-Postman-GraphicsFairy1-702x1024.jpg

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