El Nino Cometh: Thoughts on how to prepare

Yup, winter has finally arrived!!!  For many it is not that big a change. However, with the daunting ‘El Nino’ prophesy, there is much to consider. We are being told to check our homes for leaks and standing water.  It is recommended we stock up on the essentials, “Just in case”. With a new baby in your life this can sound pretty scary.  You want to be a responsible parent.  You need to do all you can to prepare….but what does that really mean?

You probably have a pretty good idea of what your needs were before baby. So store up what you need for say a week for each of your previous family members.  The suggestion is, in a pinch, 1 gallon of water a day per person, easily prepared cold meals (you know how much each of you would need), canned fruits, meats, or juices.  Remember, it is a good possibility there will be no electricity or gas for a time.  This means no refrigeration, no gas stove or heating.  If baby is being breastfed food is taken care of.  But be sure to have extra water and protein for mommy.  Also, do all you can to help mommy remain as calm and rested as possible.  Remember, “A calm mother is the first step to good breastfeeding”.

If there is an emergency we can probably kiss laundry washing good-by. So do not throw away those baby clothes the minute your newbie grows out of them.  They will do in a pinch.  You do not want to over buy on clothing as babies grow out of so many things before they even get to wear them.  But keeping a few things around a bit longer might come in handy.  Keep an extra large package of diapers and wipes available in the garage, or wherever. Go buy new packages when you still have a good supply.  This is simply thinking ahead.

Plan ahead on your supply of prenatal vitamins, or any meds you or other family members might be taking.  Talk with neighbors about what equipment they have that might help out in a disaster.  Talk to your city organizations created to help in these situations.

“Forewarned is forearmed”, applies here!

Below are some websites offering pertinent information on how to prepare with infants in mind.







Click to access Checklists09_PRINT.pdf

Click to access Checklists09_PRINT.pdf






Click to access Checklists09_PRINT.pdf

Click to access Checklists09_PRINT.pdf


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